“If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find that you have paid for it and don't have it.”  Henry Ford

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Advance Cutting Systems at KG Machinery Sales
Wysong at KG Machinery Sales
Spiral-Helix at KG Machinery Sales
Betenbender at KG Machinery Sales
GMC at KG Machinery Sales
JAG sheet metal machines  at KG Machinery Sales
Tin Knocker sheet metal machinery at KJ Machinery Sales
Ductformer HVAC at KJ Machinery Sales
Gripnail at KG Machinery Sales
U.S. Industrial Machinery at KJ Machinery Sales
Cidan at KJ Machinery Sales

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Spiral-Helix Tube Former at K J Machinery

KJ Machinery Sales has over 20 years experience in the specialty machinery and metal fabrication Industry.  Our years of experience have connected us with respected manufacturers around the world, such as Advance Cutting Systems, Wysong, Spiral-Helix, Ductformer, Tin Knocker, U.S. Industrial, GMC, Betenbender & Jag just to name a few. We offer machinery to shape metals most any way you want, such as  forming, profiling, cutting, shaping, etc. We have a complete line-up of machinery designed to streamline your sheet metal fabrication process. KJ Machinery Sales can guide you along the way, to make sure you get the best fabrication equipment for your needs. We can supply your business with all the major brands of machinery that you may need. Contact us today for more information or a quote. You will be glad KJ Machinery is in your corner!

At KJ Machinery Sales we do much more than just sell machines, we offer our premium consulting service totally free! We do this to insure we get your shop or company the best machine to drive efficiency and improve results for your business.  In addition, KJ Machinery is proud to partner with Machinery Finance Resources (MFR) to provide machine financing solutions. Unlike most banks that maintain strict credit restrictions, MFR deals exclusively in equipment financing for manufacturers and have ample credit available. We offer our simple one page “Application Only” program for financings up to $500,000. When you work with MFR, you’re ensured a customized financing solution that meets your specific business needs.

One of our favorite quotes is by Henry Ford: "If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find that you have paid for it and don't have it". You could rent a machine or outsource your work, and over time you will have paid for a machine that you could continue using into the future. Don't make that mistake!  KJ Machinery sales will help you find the optimal machine for your needs.

Wysong Press Brake at KG Machinery Sales

Wysong Press Brake

Wysong Press Shear at KG Machinery Sales

Wysong Shear

ACS Evolution Fiber Laser at KG Machinery Sales

ACS Evolution Fiber Laser

ACS AutoFold at KG Machinery Sales

AutoFold AF-516-SEE

Ductformer Duct Coil Line System at KG Machinery Sales

Ductformer Duct Coil Line System

Spiral-Helix Tubeformer at KG Machinery Sales

Spiral-Helix Tube Former

You are welcome to call us 812-577-2289 or send us an email at KJMachinerySales@gmail.com (please include a phone number).  We will work with you to help get you the best possible machines for your business.  We always follow up to make sure you love your new equipment!

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