“If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find that you have paid for it and don't have it.”  Henry Ford

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Advance Cutting Systems at KJ Machinery Sales

Advance Cutting Systems

Advance Machinery, Inc. and Advance Cutting Systems have remained market leaders by surrounding themselves with dedicated employees, high quality vendors, hard working dealers and most importantly recognizing that their many great customers are the building blocks of their success.

ACS Advance Cutting Systems Fiber Pro Laser at KJ Machinery Sales

ACS Fiber Pro Laser

Fully enclosed, multiple wattage generators available, dual pallet tables, auto focus laser cutting head, over 5,500 IPM traverse speeds.

ACS Advance Cutting Systems Jet Master Abrasive Waterjet at KJ Machinery Sales

Jet Master Abrasive Waterjet

Cuts metal, stone, glass or wood.  Accurate waterjet with a narrow kerf.  Will cut complex irregular shapes.

Advance Cutting Systems Fab Pro 510 HVAC Plasma at KJ Machinery Sales

Fab Pro 510 HVAC Plasma

This HVAC Plasma Cutter cuts geometric shapes with extreme accuracy.  Ventilation down draft table.  Traverse Speed 1,000 inches per minute.

ACS Advance Cutting Systems Fabmaster 11 Plate Pro at KJ Machinery Sales

Fabmaster 11 Plate Pro

This metal cutting machine uses plasma and oxy-fuel technology and has an emergency stop button.  Easy install and operation is simple.

ACS Advance Cutting Systems Cutter II 510 at KJ Machinery Sales

Cutter II 510

A state of the art CNC system using a plasma cutting torch to cut ductwork fittings.  Unit includes a color touch screen.

Advance Cutting Systems Autofold HVAC Coil Line at KJ Machinery Sales

Autofold HVAC Coil Line

This Autofold HVAC Coil Line has a small footprint and is fully hydraulic, with all gear drive.  16ga Capacity and 10,000 lb coil cradle capacity.

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